Woman Convicted of Murdering Her Parents Claims Innocence

Posted By Boise Criminal Defense Attorney || 3-May-2012

A twenty-five-year-old woman was convicted of killing her parents with a rifle at the family's home in Bellevue in 2003. Just 16 years of age at the time of the shooting, the woman is now working with a Boise attorney from the Idaho Innocence Project. Together, the woman and her attorney are trying to get a new trial for the young woman who was convicted of killing her parents over a fantasy to marry her undocumented immigrant boyfriend and then living off the inheritance money.

Last year the Fifth District Judge ruled that the defendant's claims that her previous legal counsel was ineffective, were insufficient to warrant a new trial. Today, her new attorney from the Idaho Innocence Project is asking the judge to reconsider granting the woman a new trial. According to the defendant's new attorneys, they are claiming that there is DNA evidence from the original case that hasn't been tested and that new scientific methods may prove successful at identifying other potential suspects. The attorneys are also claiming that the defendant had ineffective legal counsel throughout her original court proceedings.

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