Idaho Teen Faces Charges for Burglary and Arson

Posted By Sarah Pattison || 17-Jul-2012

Local Teenager Connected to Car Fires

Police arrested a 17 year old in connection with recent crimes and placed him in custody at the Ada County Juvenile Detention Center. The suspect is accused of committing burglaries and setting fire to four automobiles. Additionally, law enforcement discovered a stolen firearm at his residence. He faces charges of two counts of burglary and four counts of third degree arson.

Minors are arrested under various circumstances. It could be the result of a young person's response to peer pressure, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or an error in judgment. Regardless of the reason, it is time for the family to get involved and seek professional legal defense from an experienced attorney. Children often feel they are invincible, but the harsh reality of an arrest and confronted with serious criminal offenses can be frightening and overwhelming – and dangerous. The support from the family members and legal counsel is important.

Juvenile Court is far different from adult criminal courts. If convicted of the crimes, the minor may spend a sentence term in the state's correctional facilities, and keeping the case in juvenile court is an important issue, as there is a focus on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. In either case, in a conviction, you will have restricted visits to see your son or daughter. Your child will have a criminal record before adulthood. Your defense attorney is there to fight against charges and seek the best possible case outcome.

Your child deserves a chance to avoid heavy punishment. Call Charles Crafts Attorney at Law to discuss defending against criminal charges.

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