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  • The Benefit of Expunging Your Criminal Record

    || 13-May-2013

    Whenever an individual is arrested and/or convicted of a criminal offense, it will be placed on his or her criminal record. For example, if you have been arrested for DUI, drug crimes, petty theft, fraud, assault, sex crimes, domestic battery or any number of other charges, regardless of whether you are actually convicted, that information will show should any person run a background search. ...
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  • Despite the fact that 53-year old Oregon resident, Rojelio Rosales, was indicted by a Twin Falls County grand jury for charges of rape, felonious administering of drugs and video voyeurism, Rosales' criminal defense attorney, Charles Crafts worked hard to establish his client's innocence. As a result of his in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system, his dedication towards ...
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  • Idaho Teen Faces Charges for Burglary and Arson

    || 17-Jul-2012

    Local Teenager Connected to Car Fires Police arrested a 17 year old in connection with recent crimes and placed him in custody at the Ada County Juvenile Detention Center. The suspect is accused of committing burglaries and setting fire to four automobiles. Additionally, law enforcement discovered a stolen firearm at his residence. He faces charges of two counts of burglary and four counts of ...
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  • Child Endangered in Boise DUI

    || 10-Jul-2012

    Drunk Driver has Small Child in Front Seat Recently, a 28-year old driver was arrested for drunk driving in Boise, Idaho. His occupant was a small child riding in the front passenger seat. A concerned citizen who reported him to police noticed that this driver had committed several traffic violations and saw his car swerving on the road. Police pulled over the vehicle around 2 a.m. and ...
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  • Woman Convicted of Murdering Her Parents Claims Innocence

    || 3-May-2012

    A twenty-five-year-old woman was convicted of killing her parents with a rifle at the family's home in Bellevue in 2003. Just 16 years of age at the time of the shooting, the woman is now working with a Boise attorney from the Idaho Innocence Project. Together, the woman and her attorney are trying to get a new trial for the young woman who was convicted of killing her parents over a fantasy ...
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  • Welcome to our Criminal Defense Blog

    || 3-Mar-2011

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Criminal Defense Blog.
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