Understanding Battery and Aggravated Battery Charges

In the state of Idaho, battery is defined as the unlawful use of violence and force upon a person who does not consent to such an action. This can either be either by mere touching or by causing serious bodily harm to the alleged victim. When there is an aggravated factor on top of the charges of battery, this crime is instead viewed as aggravated battery and carries with it even greater consequences. Examples of these aggravating factors include causing bodily harm that is excessively severe in nature, causing such things as permanent disfigurement or disability, using a deadly weapon during the crime, using a toxic chemical, or performing the battery upon a pregnant woman.

If you are successfully convicted of battery, you will face incredibly harsh punishments such as a fine of up to $1,000 dollars, and imprisonment for up to six months. If you, however, are charged with aggravated battery, you will face imprisonment in a state prison for up to fifteen years. These punishments are nothing to be taken lightly, and should not simply be shrugged off. To ensure that you are given the comprehensive, dynamic advice that you deserve, do not hesitate to secure the legal assistance of a Boise battery defense lawyer as quickly as you can.

Why Hire a Boise Battery Lawyer?

No matter if you are facing charges of battery or aggravated battery, you need to be confident that you are being represented by a lawyer that is fearless in the face of daunting situations. Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law has seen cases such as this from both sides of the courtroom and our lawyers are not afraid to go to great lengths to achieve a positive outcome for our clients. If you choose to secure our legal aid, you can breathe easier knowing that your future has been placed into completely capable, trustworthy hands.

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