Effective Defense for Burglary Charges

While many theft crimes are defined as the actual taking of a piece of property that does not belong to you, in terms of burglary, just entering the building with the intention is enough to be charged with this type of crime. According to Idaho law, if you have entered into a home, building, structure, or vehicle with the intention of committing theft, then you have committed the crime of burglary. Punishments for successful convictions of this type of crime are extremely serious and include between a year to ten years spent in a state prison.

You cannot leave your future up to chance in a time such as this, as beyond imprisonment, the sheer existence of this on your criminal record will be a hindrance that you will be forced to deal with for the rest of your life. Accusations of burglary can come from false assumptions as implied intent is difficult, if not impossible to prove. For this reason, it is vital to remember that just because you have been accused does not mean you will be convicted. By securing the legal assistance of a skilled Boise criminal attorney, you can take the steps necessary towards defending your future

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