In the state of Idaho, the violent crime of murder is not taken lightly and is punished extremely harshly. Despite the fact that legally you are considered innocent until proven guilty, law enforcement, prosecutors, and the court will have a natural disposition to believe that you have committed the crime. You will be swimming upriver from the very beginning, so it is absolutely imperative that you immediately secure the legal assistance you need from a Boise criminal lawyer.

Defined as the unlawful killing of another human, including a human embryo or fetus, murder is punishable by capital punishment in Idaho. Broken into different degrees depending on the severity of the crime and the exact details of the situation, murder is not something to be shrugged off. No doubt, it will be the most harrowing, nerve-wracking situation that you will ever find yourself in. Depending on the degree that you are being charged for, you could be facing punishments that vary in severity from life in prison to the death penalty. These consequences are life-altering - you need to take every step possible to defend yourself, your rights, and your future.

Aggressive Defense Against Murder Charges in Boise, ID

Attorney Charles Crafts has a reputation as a fearless attorney serving residents of Idaho. He routinely handles complex, high-profile cases; you can be confident that he will not be daunted, no matter the exact situation you are facing. By working with a lawyer such as him, you can breathe easier knowing that your case is being placed into completely trustworthy, capable hands. He will stop at nothing to help defend you against the detrimental consequences you run the risk of facing.

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