Understanding Charges of Robbery

In the state of Idaho, the crime of robbery is defined as the unlawful and willing theft of personal property either in the immediate presence of its rightful owner or off of his immediate person. As defined by the law, this theft can either be taken through force or through the threat of force that would lead the alleged victim to believe that such force was imminent. Due to the force and violence of the crime, law enforcement and courts do not take it lightly. If they believe that you have committed this crime, they will be out for blood and will stop at nothing in their efforts to secure the harshest punishment possible.

If successfully convicted, you could face anywhere from five years imprisoned in a state prison to life. No matter, however, how daunting your situation may appear or how impossible a successful outcome may seem, you are not without assistance. Attorney Charles Crafts is a fearless attorney in face of adversity and will not be put off by a difficult situation. If he takes on your case, you can be confident that he will be tenacious in the pursuit of your desired outcome, stopping at nothing in his efforts to either have your charges dismissed or reduced.

Why Hire Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law?

To ensure that you are given the high-quality level of service that you deserve, do not waste any time in contacting an experienced Boise criminal lawyer as quickly as possible. When you are facing charges as serious as those of robbery, you cannot afford to be represented by anyone less than completely devoted to your success. By looking at your case from every angle, exhaustively researching, and meticulously preparing, Mr. Crafts will leave no stone unturned. At Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law, we always treat each case as if it will be taken to trial and will work tirelessly in our efforts to bring you the result that you desire.

Contact a Boise robbery attorney today if you are in need of legal assistance in combating charges of robbery.