Charged with Trespassing in Idaho?

Any entry into private territory without the knowledge and permission of the owner is considered criminal trespass. Idaho State law makes it illegal to trespass on acreage that has posted "No Trespassing" signage as well as any land that is under cultivation. In addition to the commonly recognized "No Trespassing" signs, fluorescent orange paint is also recognized by the State of Idaho as sufficient means of indicating private property.

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Trespassing While Hunting

Hunting season is one of the most common times for trespassing offenses on uncultivated land. Where there is appropriate signage, hunters are forbidden to shoot on private land no matter the circumstances. For trespass postings to be enforced on land that is not cultivated, they must exist at intervals no greater than 600 ft, and be located along boundaries as well as at common access points.

If convicted, you could face fines, jail time, and/or lose hunting and fishing privileges. Should you have been charged with trespassing while hunting, but you were following signs and Idaho laws, there are defense options you can pursue.

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Charged with Trespassing in Boise?

In order to adequately be charged with trespassing, you do not need to have been "caught in the act" by a law enforcement official. Someone reporting a trespass needs to have a description of your vehicle and the license number, a description of you and/or anyone with you, as well as the date, time, and location of the trespassing occurrence. Without all of this information, the difficulty in getting a conviction is increased; however, it is by no means impossible.

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