Honest, Dedicated, Hard Working

We recently hired Mr crafts to help reduce my brothers 18 yr old felony drug charge to a misdemeanor. To help with his immigration status. Mr Crafts worked very hard to find a procedural error and succeeded. He then work with the prosecuting attorney to get the charge amended to a misdemeanor a simple possession charge and got it. If you are looking for a honest dedicated hard working attorney that does not give up till he has done everything he can to get the case done right. We highly recommend hiring Mr Crafts. If we could give Mr Crafts 6 stars we would.


The Absolute Best

Where to start, Charles first took my case last minute when I was planning on taking a deal of battery and disturbing the piece with the consequences of supervised probation and a lot of community service. But he told me he could make me a free kid again. And he did. The first day of trial when my ex was on the stand was priceless. Charles tore her apart. I loved it. The judge strait up said that she was not a "credible witness", she was a big liar. I was facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Which is one of the worst felonies to have and it all got dropped down to malicious injury to property which can almost be anything. Anyways back to the point. Charles crafts is the absolute best and nicest lawyer in the world! I owe him my life, thank you Charles.


Mr. Crafts Saved My Life

I was charged with felony stalking, and my case was shown on the television show COPS. Charles took my case and reduced everything down to a simple misdemeanor. I thought because of the media exposure that I never had a chance, but Mr. Crafts saved my life.

-Anthony M.

Wins Trials in Federal Court

I came from Mexico with nothing. I met up with some friends and ended up being charged in federal court with various drug charges. Everyone else involved in my case plead guilty, but Mr. Crafts told me to go trial. If I lost I would have been sent to prison for more than 25 years. I was told that people never win trials in federal court, but Mr. Crafts took my case to trial against all odds and won. I will never forget what he did for me.

-Edgar Chavez-Hernandez

Thank You

I was charged with Driving Under the Influence, and I just expected to plead guilty like everybody else I know. Instead, Mr. Crafts reviewed my case and told me to take it to trial. We Won! It was probably the most excited I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you.


I Thought My Life Was Over

I live in Montana, but I was visiting some friends in Idaho. We ended up being charged for Burglary and Grand Theft because one of the other guys in the car had some stolen items in the trunk. I thought my life was over. But after a three day jury trial, I was found not guilty.


Highly Recommended

I am writing to recommend Charles Crafts as a Criminal Defense Attorney. I was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, and I was scared to death. The prosecutor offered to reduce my charges significantly, and I thought we should take the deal. Instead, Mr. Crafts told me to proceed to trial because I wanted to join the military. He took the case to trial and won, and today I am an active member of the United States Air Force. None of this would have been possible without Charles.

-S. Stappenbeck

Excellent Attorney

Recently, I was charged with Domestic Battery on my girlfriend. I was also on probation in Oregon. My probation officer told me that if I lost my case in Idaho that she was going to send me to prison for this charge. I could not sleep at night I was so nervous. Mr. Crafts told me to take my case to trial and I was found "NOT GUILTY." What else can I say?

-Satisfied Client