Have You Been Accused of Domestic Battery?

By law, domestic battery is defined as the touching of a family member when they do not consent to such an action. This is usually understood as a violent action that results in severe bodily harm to the family member or fellow resident within the household and is a severe crime that is taken gravely seriously by law enforcement and courts alike. It is sad, however, to realize that not all charges of domestic battery are founded in real abuse, and can rather be a false accusation.

There are unfortunately many cases where a family member will accuse another of domestic battery out of jealousy, revenge, or even just to gain the upper hand in a divorce/family law issue. You should not, however, have to suffer from these wrongful accusations. By working with a Boise criminal attorney, you can take the necessary steps towards crafted your defense and proving your innocence so that you can move forward into the next chapter of your life with a clean slate.

Aggressive Defense Against Domestic Battery Charges

Charles Crafts, Attorney at Law has seen firsthand the devastating results that a mishandled domestic battery case can have on the life of the accused. Beyond the initial, immediate penalties, if you are successfully convicted, you will also have to live the rest of your life with the permanent blemish on your criminal record. The sheer existence of this will hinder you in almost every way imaginable, from attempting to secure a new job to trying to purchase a new home. You cannot leave your future up to the whims of chance at a time such as this - take the steps you need to protect yourself and your rights by working with Mr. Crafts today.

Do not hesitate to contact a Boise domestic battery attorney today for your initial case consultation.