Have You Been Charged with Grand Theft in Boise?

According to Idaho law, a person is guilty of committing grand theft if they have stolen property with a value in excess of $1,000, was taken by extortion, or if the stolen item was a public record, a check, or a firearm. Theft can also be classified as this if, during the carrying out of the crime, a person was threatened in a way that would lead them to believe that they would be caused severe bodily injury or that damage would be doled out to their personal property.

There are many different situations that can be classified as grand theft, but regardless of the exact situation, it is vital that you do not hesitate to secure the legal assistance of an aggressive, skilled Boise criminal attorney as quickly as possible. By working with a lawyer that is well-versed in this area of the law, you can take the steps necessary towards defending yourself against this felony crime. You cannot leave your future up to chance in such a situation - you need to be confident that you are receiving the dynamic, comprehensive defense that you deserve.

Boise Criminal Attorney for Grand Theft Charges

Attorney Charles Crafts has seen these types of cases from both sides of the courtroom and understands the amount of detail and elbow grease that they require. He is completely dedicated to client success, and if you choose to secure his legal assistance in the defense of your criminal case, you can be confident that he will stop at nothing in his efforts to get you towards your optimum outcome.

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