Crafts Law Inc. May 20, 2021

You Need an Aggressive Boise DUI Defense Attorney

Attorney Charles Crafts knows that no matter what charges you are facing for drunk driving, you need a relentless DUI lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. It is vitally important that if you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Idaho, that you retain an attorney with a history of successful case results and extensive experience to back up your case.

Working relentlessly on behalf of his clients, Attorney Crafts has:

  • Obtained "not guilty" verdicts for those charged with DUI

  • Been featured on renowned news networks such as The Today Show and Good Morning America

  • Offers a free consultation to all potential clients

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Preparing the Defense

Once you have obtained a reliable Boise DUI lawyer, they can work alongside you to investigate the details of your particular case. They can look at everything from top to bottom, considering every aspect from the moment you were stopped by the police to the time that you were placed in holding after your arrest.

It is important to ask questions like the following:

  • Was there a probable cause behind why the police officer first pulled you over?

  • Did the law officer force you to perform a field sobriety test?

  • Were you given the choice to take the breath test or were you coerced?

  • Were your rights upheld throughout the arrest process?

Attorney Crafts can utilize nearly a decade of legal experience to your advantage by looking at the case from every angle and putting together a solid DUI defense strategy. Let him protect you from the harsh penalties associated with a DUI.

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