Felony DUI

Drinking and driving always yields serious charges. In most cases, DUI is considered a misdemeanor; however, some instances of driving under the influence can lead to a felony charge. Contact Boise Advocate for the aggressive representation needed to challenge your charges in Ada or Canyon County. Our Boise DUI defense lawyers are known for the top-quality defense they bring to every drunk driving case. Work with us to get a premier legal team on your side.


Felony DUI is reserved for repeat or aggravated offenses. In general, if you have been convicted of your second DUI offense, you will be at risk for a felony DUI for the following 10 years. If you receive your third conviction during this time, you will receive a third-degree felony resulting in penalties such as license suspension and multiple years in prison.

You can also be at risk for felony DUI under the following circumstances:

  • A fourth conviction, received at any time
  • DUI manslaughter or child endangerment
  • Fleeing from the scene of an accident
  • DUI resulting in severe property damage
  • An offense causing serious injury to another person

Regardless of the exact reason for your charges, a felony DUI is always a serious matter. Our Boise defense attorneys understand the freedoms at stake when facing a felony charge, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to help our clients fight their charges. We may challenge your breathalyzer results or contest the reasonable cause behind to your arrest. In any case, our legal team knows how to provide the unflinching representation you need.


If you have been charged with drinking and driving, don't wait to get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney. Our Boise DUI defense law firm, Boise Advocate, has defended clients in more than 3,000 cases and has built a reputation for hard-hitting DUI defense.

Call our Boise firm to learn how we can put 20+ years' collective experience to work for you!

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