Crafts Law Inc. May 20, 2021

Can a DUI case be dismissed?

If an officer has NO probable cause, the evidence and the DUI case may get dismissed. An arresting policeman must have a reasonable suspicion or belief that you are engaged in criminal activity before stopping your vehicle. Speak with a local attorney immediately to see if your Bosie DUI charges can be reduced or dismissed.

Alcohol breath testing can be faulty or unrealiable, leading to DUI dismissal, such as:

  • Improperly administered by the police

  • Instrument malfunction

  • Poor observation of defendant prior to testing

  • Stomach, physical, or blood conditions

These are just a few of the possibilities where a DUI charge is dropped. If these, or other conditions are purposely manipulated or ignored, evidence that was illegally obtained or fabricated will be thrown out, or even possibly police misconduct. Depending on how severely this impacts the prosecutor’s case, he may choose to reduce or dismiss your charges.

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

Conviction of driving drunk can be emabarassing and shameful so getting it lowered or removed is our law firm's highest priority. Getting your DUI reduced to reckless driving or wet reckless may decrease your fine. You will also be less in trouble with your car insurance company and will save thousands of dollars from becoming a high risk driver.

If you need to drive to perform your job, a DUI conviction might result in your termination. But, your employer may be more sympathetic and take a favorable view of your case if the DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving. A DUI conviction on your driving record could jeopardize future applications for work. Although your DUI conviction may not represent a felony, you could be viewed by the potential employer as a liability risk. A skilled attorney can explain more of the benefits of getting a DUI reduced, call us today.

Can You Get a DUI Reduced?

Yes you can, and we have many times because Idaho state has the burden of proof, they can reduce the DUI charge to avoid a not guilty verdict. DUI charges that are amended to Reckless Driving are possible.

Now you may still have to attend DUI School, pay a fine, undergo an alcohol evaluation and perform community service hours, but in return, you would not suffer a formal DUI conviction on your record. The prosecutor benefits because he avoids the possibility of an acquittal had the weak DUI case proceeded on to trial. This plea bargain or reduction of the charge but with DUI penalties is often viewed as wet reckless. The prosecutor is assured that you get a valuable education on the dangers of drinking and driving. They would also have confirmation that you do not suffer from addiction issues that could later subject you to another DUI arrest.

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

With regard to DUI dismissal or minimized charges, you truly have only one choice: hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights if arrested in Caldwell. The only way to protect your future is to fight for an acquittal, dropped charges, or lowered charges. This is maximized through the power of a trial-tested, seasoned criminal defense lawyer who can come to your Eagle home.

At Boise Advocate, P.A., we provide clients with representation that truly cares about their interests. Your case matters as much to us as it does to you—we fight to protect your future and your well-being. We never back down from fighting for your best possible outcome.

When you need a strong lawyer in your corner, contact the law firm of Boise Advocate. We serve Treasure Valley families from Kuna to Meridian and Nampa.