Crafts Law Inc. Jan. 3, 2012

6 reasons why Idaho's Public Defenders are so Great:

1. Idaho's Public Defenders have more experience in the courtroom than any private attorney in the state. This is true at virtually every level of representation, but especially true for cases in federal court and for criminal appeals.

2. Idaho's Public Defenders win jury trials. There is a misconception that by having the public defender you have no chance at winning your trial. This is not true. Idaho's public defenders win a significant amount of trials. If you have the public defender and your case is set for trial, you should have full confidence that they will handle your case as well as any privately retained attorney in the state.

3. Idaho's Public Defenders get great deals. The Public Defender's Office handles so many cases that they can create leverage by leaving all of their cases on for trial. This leaves the prosecutor's office scrambling to figure out which case to try and in which order. The end result is often several dismissed or reduced cases on the day of trial. Private attorneys simply do not have enough cases to pressure the prosecution in this manner.

4. Idaho's Public Defenders are at the forefront of the issues relating to the criminal justice system. As attorneys, we are required to take classes each year to stay up to date on upcoming legal issues. More often than not, these classes are taught by Public Defenders because they have more knowledge and experience in the field of criminal defense than private attorneys.

5. Idaho's Public Defenders have better resources than most private attorneys. If you are charged with a serious offense and need an expert witness or investigator, Idaho's Public Defenders have greater access to to these types of people than most private attorneys.

6. Idaho's Public Defenders care about their cases. Idaho is fortunate to have some of the most passionate and aggressive public defenders in the United States. They win cases every day and on every level, and they should be congratulated for their hard work.


Charles C. Crafts